Worship with us!

Contemplative Service (9 a.m.)
— Experience the beauty of the silence, oneness and inner peace on Sunday mornings. Take an hour to escape from the stresses of the week. Center yourself in the presence of love, joy and abundance. Allow the music to stir your soul. Meditate to heal your heart. Listen to the words of inspiration to awaken the Christ Consciousness within you to infinite possibilities. Come and be renewed by the Infinite Spirit of Life — God.

Celebration Service (11 a.m.) — Celebrate Spirit in an inclusive and loving environment. Sing joyously as you are inspired by the music presented by our soloists, instrumentalists, and choir. Experience unconditional love, non-resistance, non-attachment and trust in Spirit in a 75-minute worship session, allowing God to flow through you and show you the Way into unlimited possibilities to LIVE LIFE FULLY! Come and feel the joy of Spirit moving and flowing through you.

You can hear free podcasts of Sunday messages. You can also purchase a CD of the entire service of any Sunday at Unity of Richmond, for a love offering of $4.

We are fully equipped for the disabled. We have an elevator, and all bathrooms and rooms are accessible.

Sundays in August

Messages for August are based on the book One+One = One by Rev. Howard Caesar, Senior Minister at Unity of Houston.

August 6 — The Journey to Oneness
All of us are on a journey which awakens us to our source of beingness. All of life’s experiences support us in knowing that we are all connected heart to heart, soul to soul with The oneness of Spirit. How we awaken to this revelation depends upon our ability to dispel fear and separation which leads to love and oneness?

August 13 — Relating to Source
God can only be experienced through the boundaries of our beliefs. As we break down the borders, we allow ourselves to expand our thinking and understanding of God in expression.

August 20 — From Me to We
Life is relationships. When I see you, I see me! What kind of mirror am I willing to be? What is not truly me is the EGO; what is the truth of me is Love. Discovering the power of unconditional love shows up in our relationships.

August 27 — Filling the Void
There’s a candle in your heart, ready to be rekindled.
There’s a void in your soul, ready to be filled.
You feel it, don’t you? – Rumi

Sundays in September

September messages are based on the book Your Spiritual Heart by David McArthur

September 3 — Love to the Millionth Power
Every atom in our body is powered by love. The power of love is exponentially raised to a new level of self-awareness as we share our love with every person, yes even those we might think are our enemies, adversaries or obstacles in life. When we go to our heart, think from our heart and live from our heart we love unconditionally all of God’s creations.

September 10 — Heart Connection, The Power to Change Your Thinking
We all have the ability to react to an experience by choosing the path of the Spiritual Heart or the physical heart. The choice we make directly affects the brain and how we respond. Our heart is the vehicle which opens the door to the peace Jesus knew.

September 17 — Activating the Spiritual Heart
“The ability to access your spiritual heart is amazingly simple. It begins with the step of self-awareness. It begins with recognizing, ‘I’m stressed, I’m upset, I’m frustrated or I’m angry.’ When we open the door to “The Heart Wisdom Tool” we can move from fear to love.

September 24 — The Wisdom of the Heart
When we accept the wisdom of the heart, this quality of wisdom brings about the actualization of your divine potential. Through the wisdom of the heart, you will continued to be transformed by experiencing the Spiritual Being that you are. You are a Spiritual being having a Spiritual experience in the human condition.

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