Uniteens (grades six through eight) meet each Sunday at 11 a.m. to explore spiritual truths. Uniteen groups provide a safe place for youth in middle school to connect with others and to explore what they believe. In addition, the Unity of Richmond Uniteens Chapter meets for social outings to provide a place for our young teens to socialize and to develop healthy relationships. Uniteens meet twice a year to attend Unity retreats. These occasions provide day-long or weekend events for spiritual exploration.

freedom250Uniteen activities include:

• Teen car wash fundraisers

• Service opportunities

• Sunday leadership opportunities (fifth Sundays to provide joy songs, ushering and greeting, reading of Daily Word, etc.)

• Parental involvement — Parents are invited to attend retreats and participate in the spiritual development of their preteens.

richmond-force2015-2016 Curriculum: “May the Force Be With You”
by Diane Venzera, a curriculum based on the Truth principles found in the “Star Wars” movies

The Star Wars movies are about the hero/heroine’s journey from self-doubt to transformation. The hero/heroine is a regular person living a mundane life and wanting more. It is the story, often set in motion by tragedy, of how extraordinary things can happen in ordinary lives. The battle doesn’t just happen in outer space; it also is a part of our human experience. We all, at one time or another, are invited on a quest to bring into the light some undiscovered aspect of ourselves. As with most quests, it is not a solo journey. All along the way there are guides, allies, mentors and teachers who show up just when needed to help us move through those long-held ideas and beliefs that hold us back.  When we accept that the darkness is as much a part of us as the light, when we accept all of our nature, we come to the knowledge of who we really are, children of the Light, children of the Force!

Fabulous teachers are: Rob Rust, Mary Beth Holtzman, Maggie Ellis-Bland & Anne Bassuk

Please contact the church to learn more about how to participate and support!

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