Spiritual Education & Personal Development Opportunities

We offer classes and workshops that are vehicles for spiritual growth.

Many of our classes are part of Unity’s National S.E.E. Program (Spiritual Education and Enrichment Program). Students may also take classes for credit from Unity Institute and Seminary. Completion of requirements lead toward certification as a Licensed Unity Teacher.

How does the Spiritual Development Program work?
Students may take five-week classes on a wide variety of topics, such as self-discovery, prayer, prosperity, metaphysics, Bible and spiritual laws, etc.
 Experiential audio and visual tools are used by all facilitators to address varied learning styles of participants and to create a dynamic classroom experience. Our classes create a personal, nurturing and empowering learning environment for all spiritual seekers. We encourage you to enjoy a great learning adventure, get to know other students of like mind, and talk with teachers who enjoy supporting your spiritual growth.


  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Send an email;
  3. Sign-up sheets and books located at the back of sanctuary
  4. Call (804) 278-6489; or simply
  5. SHOW UP and register at the door.

Unity Online
Unity also offers courses online. You can access them through the Unity Institute website.

Spiritual Education and Personal Development