Board of Trustees

Ed Roarty, Chair
Professional Background: MBA from George Mason. 36 years with Dominion as Director of Fuels and Commodities, Trading and Marketing (retired)

Unity Experience: I joined Unity of Richmond in 1994 and have been an active member since that time. I have served in leadership positions as former President of the Board of Directors (1996-1998), member of Capital Campaign, Facilities, Prosperity and Outreach Teams, Team Leader of Bid Team during the capital campaign and a Trustee from 2012 to the present time. It is my intent to provide leadership, clarity of purpose and conviction and belief in the Unity principles. I believe I have shown a commitment to Unity of Richmond in all three areas for over 20 years.

Vision: My vision is to have more focus on the core mission of our spiritual community, controlled growth and increased financial stability.

Rob Jones, Vice Chair

Professional Background: Master’s degree in Psychology. Principle owner Robert Jones Consulting since 2002. Counselor for the last five years with Life Lessons Family Services. In addition, he has provided cultural sharing workshops at Richmond Hill and with Glen Allen Unitarians.

Unity Experience: Unity of Richmond has been my spiritual home for nearly 20 years, and I have been involved ever since. During that time, I have taken many classes and workshops, co-facilitated Race Matters group, participated in the music program and been youth sponsor at Youth of Unity (YOU) Rallies since 2008.

Vision: My vision is to broaden our outreach to find and retain those who are spiritually searching, develop concrete tools to make it easier for congregants to “talk Unity” and have informed conversations with friends and neighbors and work to expand and improve the “lived experience” of everyone in our community.

Michael Shelton, Treasurer
Professional Background: Law/mediation practice at CPL Associates, Inc. in Richmond for many years.  In the greater community, he has participated in both global and local outreach programs to support the underserved.

Unity Experience: I became introduced to New Thought teachings through Emmet Fox.  Since then, I have experienced personal prosperity and ways to live from Principle in my own life.  I joined Unity of Richmond in 2005 and have participated in many classes, taught 4-T Prosperity Classes for 3 years, Co-Sponsored our Capital Campaign and Pathway to Payoff, as well as been actively involved in Facilities, Prosperity, Outreach and Landscaping Teams.

Vision: My vision is to see Unity of Richmond as a “church without walls” consistently tithing 10 percent of our monthly income, which is something we have not been consistently doing of late. My vision is to change that.

David Van Horn, Member at Large
Professional Background: BS in Business Administration from Concord College. Past Manager of several major retailers in Richmond and presently with CVS. Was awarded Manager of the Year in several of those positions.

Unity Experience: I have attended Unity of Richmond for the past 17 years and became a member in 2008. I attend SEE classes and Faith Life services. I have volunteered with Caritas and continue to be involved with the Unity of Richmond’s Men of Unity.

Vision: My vision is that we will grow through the use of social media, sharing our message of love, unity and spiritual growth as we target the college population in Richmond. Our church will continue to share the message of inclusion as we meet the spiritual needs of our population. I support increased effort in exploring ways to retain first-comers to our church.

Susan Moncure, Member at Large

Professional Background:  Retired Licensed          Professional Counselor & behavioral health care    manager for Anthem. Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with emphasis in transpersonal psychology.

Unity Experience:  I became a member of Unity of Richmond around 2008. I have taken several prosperity classes and over 25 SEE classes on the credentialing path. I have served on the finance committee, volunteered time and talent for choir and all holiday festivals. I assisted in organizing a Unity event–a Course in Miracles workshop with Jon Mundy. I have served as Prayer Chaplain for over 5 years. I am also active in the Women of Unity.

Vision:  My vision is to offer spiritually-based activities to attract creative people. I also see Unity expanding as a ministry without walls in response to our member’s desire for involvement in social justice and community. I envision unity movement becoming more visible in the community.

Unity Staff

Kelly Woodward, Director of Ministry Services

Kelly joined the Unity team April 2019 to facilitate in the day to day function of the church.  She covers our scheduling, website updates, website calendar, building rentals, marketing, communication, and does the day to day office work. She is available Monday-Thursday 8am to 3pm and Sundays 8am-1pm. Please feel free to call her with any questions or concerns you may have: (804) 278-6489.


Ray Heider,  Audio/Visual Technician

The audio video team headed by Ray Heider and team members Janet Meador, Joy Harter, Pam Abel, Daphne Paterson, Rob Rust and Rich Brough work to create and present the PowerPoint presentations seen on the big screen on Sundays as well as working the sound system for Rev, Richard and the other presenters. In addition we also live stream both services over the internet and upload a video of the sermon to YouTube each week.